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You’re Never Too Busy to Workout – StrengthRX Crossfit

You’re Never Too Busy to Workout

How many times have you heard the excuse that someone is “too busy” to workout? I know in the past I’ve been guilty of it as well, and always for reasons.

I could justify it by listing off all of my responsibilities: work, travel, tired, etc. and it’s easy to find champions in these situations because most people enjoy the company of someone else who is “too busy to train.”

However, you’ll inevitably be watching television one day or surfing the web, (probably wasting the precious time that you just told someone you didn’t really have) and you’ll catch a glimpse of someone who’s “made it.” Top of their game, calling shots, and wait, the train 5 times a week? “How could this be?” You ask yourself.

How can someone find the time to actually achieve the success they want, manage their personal lives, and still crush it in the gym? This is when we usually start saying to ourselves, “Well, I’m sure their assistants do everything and they just sign off,” or “She probably just inherited a bunch of money.”

Maybe, but not always. The truth is, health is a choice! With that said, do things beyond our control happen and therefore require immediate action to resolve? Absolutely, but in my experience of working with extremely high achieving people over the past 13 years as a trainer here in LA, I’ve noticed a few things that separate the ones who talk about it from the ones who be about it:

If you want something you must make the decision to have it. That body ain’t gonna trim itself down. Evolutionarily speaking we’re designed to do the opposite: Pack it on while times are good! These days the good times rarely end and leave far too many of us over weight and running the risk of health complications.

There is no shortage of people who want a strong healthy body, but continue to find clever excuses for why “now is not the time” to start.

No money for a gym membership, no time, recovering from an injury etc.

Yet, others continue to find time week after week to do the things they know are necessary for their health, and in my experience it is these people who have the most legit excuses NOT to be in the gym.

I’ve often found great inspiration from my clients, who under tremendous work and/or family pressure make the choice to get in the gym and keep themselves healthy. High level executives, T.V. directors with a spouse and children, VPs at financial institutes, politicians, etc. The list goes on. Power houses of productivity who rise before the sun and finish their workout before most people’s alarm clock goes off.

They know that whatever momentary measure of comfort they receive by convincing themselves that they’re “too busy” to be healthy will be overshadowed by the guilt of knowing they could’ve tried harder. 

I’m speaking in terms of my experience in health and fitness, but I believe that the way you do anything is the way you do everything. You can draw a parallel with just about every aspect of life.

When we really sit down and examine ourselves we find that our excuse-fantasies rarely match up to the reality of our current situation. Maybe you don’t have an hour for exercise everyday, but you certainly have 20 minutes. Some of my best workouts are when I know I better make it count because I only have 20 minutes!

Maybe you can’t afford a gym membership but you certainly could go on YouTube and find a homework channel. Often I’ll do this with yoga because there are some great 20 minute yoga workouts on YouTube if I don’t have time to catch a class.

The bottom line is that if you find yourself hiding behind the “busy excuse” then you’re really just dodging out of a full and engaging life experience.  Once we truly understand that no one else is going to make this happen for us and we are exactly who we are as a result of our choices, we can move forward with clarity toward the kind of future we want to create.

Busy seldom means productive. If you need more time then start respecting the time you do have. One way to do this that I’ve been practicing for some time now is not responding immediately to every message that lights up my phone. Rarely is anything a true emergency. Let them wait for an hour while you take care of yourself. People will then become much more respectful of your time and more efficient with their messaging when you refuse to engage in email ping pong.

Put yourself first and watch as other adapt to your self empowering choice. This is your life and time flies so don’t hold back.

Now, I plan on seeing you all at the gym bright and early.