Justin Schollard

Justin Schollard

CEO and Coach


CEO and Coach Justin Schollard’s journey to CrossFit coach and CEO started in 2005 when he moved to L.A. and became a personal trainer. Around 2007, he watched the movie “300” and “So I did what all 23 year old guys did and Googled ‘How did the dudes from 300 get so ripped?’ CrossFit popped up.”

He started integrating CrossFit workouts into his and his clients’ training. “The idea of starting my own box was too strong to ignore,” he said. “Two years later, we were in business and have been able to use CrossFit as a vehicle to bring fitness to thousands of people.”

Justin specializes in mobility, fundamental movements, kickboxing, leadership and programming. He’s even written a book called “The Performance Code” that will be available in late 2016.


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • Functional Movement Systems