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Member of the Month: Hardy A

I always heard of CrossFit but it was mainly through negative press and the dangers of people getting injured. A friend from Australia was here last year with her boyfriend (whom competed at the games), and resolved any doubt I had. They got me excited to join. StrengthRx was close to my house so it […]

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4 Principles Of StrengthRx CrossFit

You are only competing with yourself. We’re all on the same team and in the same tribe. We’re sharing the common goal to improve ourselves mentally and physically. If you finish the workout first, congrats! You will absolutely be recognized for your hard work and achievement. If you finish last, congrats! You are a fucking […]

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Tips for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open

The 2016 CrossFit Games Open is upon us folks, and as we prepare to embark on this physical, mental, and somewhat spiritual journey of grit and grime there is one question that I get asked as a coach when it comes to general preparedness for the Open. And that is, “What can I do to […]

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