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Chefs and Bakers: Room In The Kitchen For Both?

In a recent podcast Dr. Andy Galpin along with comedian commentator turned master of the digital airwaves Joe Rogan, discussed a wide range of topics about fitness and nutrition. During the course of the discussion, Galpin touched on an interesting metaphor for effective practice in prescribing nutritional protocols for the athletes with whom he consults. […]

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My Top 5 Supplements

I remember how crazy I thought it was that people actually take supplements like protein daily. Often multiple times a day. Now, I am firmly one of those guys. As with anything, once we understand it, it becomes less foreign and intimidating. Now, I know there are some purists out there who scoff at supplements […]

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Meal Prep: Setting Yourself Up For Success

I get it. Building a fit, healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. Figuring out when and where to implement diet and exercise is tough reality check and unfortunately this is when most people stop. They’ve read the books,  conceptually understand the principals involved and get really inspired. Then what? The alarm still goes of at the […]

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The Tortoise Always Wins

Everyone has heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, the African folktale in which an overconfident rabbit is bested in a footrace by the consistent pace of a determined tortoise. The moral of the story is consistency wins the day and that the importance of determination and focus over raw ability should not […]

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Healthy Eating: Zone Vs. Paleo

Often I see members and clients alike showing up for their workouts with admirable consistence, yet remain physically unchanged after months and  sometimes years of dedicated training. A little subtle probing almost always reviles the answer; poor diet. Not surprising really, and theoretically easy to fix. However, we are creatures of habit, and despite our […]

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2 Tips For Joining A CrossFit Gym

CrossFit isn’t a fad. Despite how many people swore up and down that in 5 years nobody would be talking about it, here we are. 10,000 affiliates worldwide, and 200 in Los Angeles alone. Given this information, the old ways of doing it aren’t gonna work for the savvy consumer who knows what they want. […]

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12 Week Check In With Coach Justin or Ethan

Needs some nutrition advice? Want to lose weight or put on some muscle? Curious about handstands or muscle ups? Maybe you just want to hang out and shoot the shit? Whatever you want! Come spend 30 minutes with Justin or Ethan and discuss anything thats on your mind. During this time we’ll identify a realistic […]

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Carb Cycling: Why You Need To Do It

Bodybuilders have know this trick for a while. To stay lean yet not lose any muscle, carb cycling is the optimal solution. Science is now backing it up saying not only is it an effective way to look great, but has quantifiable health and performance benefits as well. Carbs should be looked at as a […]

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Is Organic Really Better for You?

Nowadays we’re seeing organic everything. Even clothes come in organic options. Its cache to go organic. Maybe it nurtures that part in us that wants to make the world a better place. Or maybe it just gives us a slight sense of moral superiority. Either way, it’s time to dig a little deeper into what “Organic” […]

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