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Member Spotlight – Chris F.

Two years ago while visiting LA, I dropped into three boxes over the course of a week. StrengthRx was the closest box to my girlfriend’s house. I remember walking in and immediately feeling welcomed, which was not the case with the other LA boxes I visited. Despite the fact I had been doing CrossFit for […]

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Member Spotlight: Kenny H.

I happened to catch the CrossFit Games one Saturday morning last summer and thought I’d give it a try. Considering most of my good friends have been CrossFit training for several years my intention was to try it for one month just for the experience. After my first week at StrengthRx, I was hooked. I […]

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12 Week Check In With Coach Justin or Ethan

Needs some nutrition advice? Want to lose weight or put on some muscle? Curious about handstands or muscle ups? Maybe you just want to hang out and shoot the shit? Whatever you want! Come spend 30 minutes with Justin or Ethan and discuss anything thats on your mind. During this time we’ll identify a realistic […]

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Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

It’s a new month which means another opportunity to set new goals! As an avid goal setter myself, it’s really inspiring to walk into the gym and see the goals you all have declared up on the wall. I often look at them to see what everyone is looking to accomplish for the month, but […]

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