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You’re Never Too Busy to Workout

How many times have you heard the excuse that someone is “too busy” to workout? I know in the past I’ve been guilty of it as well, and always for reasons. I could justify it by listing off all of my responsibilities: work, travel, tired, etc. and it’s easy to find champions in these situations […]

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Meal Prep: Setting Yourself Up For Success

I get it. Building a fit, healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. Figuring out when and where to implement diet and exercise is tough reality check and unfortunately this is when most people stop. They’ve read the books,  conceptually understand the principals involved and get really inspired. Then what? The alarm still goes of at the […]

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Mastery vs. Overload

“An individual is free only to the extent of their own self mastery”   ~ Steven Pressfield,” The War Of Art” Greatness is a choice, and everyday we must recommit to our vision or fall victim to the comforts of modern life.  Perhaps on some scale this was always the case with humans. However, to […]

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Be Like The Rock

This dude is the real deal. Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. “The Rock” wakes up at 3:45am everyday and does a two hour workout before beginning work on his many projects. Check out his Instagram if you ever need a little motivation.  Photo Credit: Bodybuilding.com I can hear the haters now,  “Well, if I had millions of […]

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How To Add Two Years To Your Life

How many hours do you sit in a day? 1 hour in the morning while you get ready for work 30 minutes in the car to work 8 hours while you’re at work 30 minutes on the drive home 1 hour at the table for dinner 1 hour the couch while you close out the […]

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Rise and Grind

Developing a winning morning routine We all know them, bright eyed and energetic, bubbly even. Ready to take on the day from the word go, morning people. No matter your opinion of these un-caffeinated energizer bunnies, studies have demonstrated that people who establish a morning routine are more productive and efficient throughout the day. A […]

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Taking a Stand Against Sitting

Dear America, You’re fat and there’s no denying it. According to the CDC, 69% of Americans are overweight.  Being overweight puts you at risk for two of the leading causes of death in this country: heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. We have a gluttonous epidemic of rotund proportions on our hands dot.dot.dot (Who doesn’t […]

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