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Tips for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open

The 2016 CrossFit Games Open is upon us folks, and as we prepare to embark on this physical, mental, and somewhat spiritual journey of grit and grime there is one question that I get asked as a coach when it comes to general preparedness for the Open. And that is, “What can I do to […]

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How to Bench Press

It’s about time we tackled this one. Although typical readers of a post like this will be guys, I’ll do my best to not exclude the ladies out there who are interested in some good chest workout tips. Despite all the jokes and cliches there’s just something special about the bench press. You can see […]

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Make Your Burpees Faster

In CrossFit, you will never get away from burpees! Here, coach Mike Patarino gives some tips on how to speed them up efficiently. Watch and enjoy!

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