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Member Spotlight: Carolina C.

I was recovering from a fractured ankle after a Motocross accident and as I was recovering I found myself bored of my regular gym routine. I had been doing yoga, boxing, and palates, and I felt I wanted to try something new. I had heard Strength Rx and CrossFit in general was for crazy people […]

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Member Spotlight: Liz M.

I wanted to get into better shape and became curious about CrossFit. I was too nervous to sign up so I bought a 30 trial membership and never looked back. My first impression was “wow this is fun”. Everyone was welcoming, helpful, and very patient. I had this idea of what CrossFit was going to […]

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Member Spotlight: Kate P.

I had gone to a couple CrossFit gyms before, but when my wife moved down to the states. She thought it would be fun to work out at a new gym together and make friends. Every CrossFit gym has their own style and personality. I love the people and the coaches here, the gym is […]

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Member Spotlight – Daniel K.

It all started when my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. Being a pre-diabetic at such early age, I knew I had to change my lifestyle and had to do it NOW! Immediately after, I signed up at LA Fitness, took couple personal training classes but never felt the connection or the sense of accomplishment. […]

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Member Spotlight – Don D.

I used to work a couple blocks down on Melrose and driving home in traffic I would look over and see these people working out in SRX and I thought to myself I need to be in there. I was around CrossFit for a year before trying it out and even that didn’t prepare me […]

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Member Spotlight: Raquel D.

I originally  came to Strength RX temporarily to up my game and build more strength for my very competitive sport of Roller Derby. I had been doing CrossFit with my team before practices, but I needed more. Little did I know that belonging to a gym full of wonderful and encouraging people who are all […]

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Member Spotlight: Chi P

My sister was part of an in house competition so I went to watch her and was amazed by what I saw.  The room was filled with athletes pushing themselves, the sound of weighs dropping, the grunting, the pain on their faces, I wanted to do that.  I signed up the following week and have […]

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Member Spotlight: Kenny H.

I happened to catch the CrossFit Games one Saturday morning last summer and thought I’d give it a try. Considering most of my good friends have been CrossFit training for several years my intention was to try it for one month just for the experience. After my first week at StrengthRx, I was hooked. I […]

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Member Spotlight – Jonathan R.

 I’ve been training at SRX for 7 months. Before SRX I was working out at Gold’s Gym, basically without any education on fitness, and was maxing out on a 275lb deadlift that I can only hope was done with proper form. One of my close friends continued to post about her progress at her crossfit […]

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Member Spotlight: Susanna M.

I found StrengthRx when I was looking for a new box to call home in the area since moving from Florida 7 months prior. I had done some research about the CrossFit boxes in the LA area beforehand and StrengthRx was listed in 2014 as one of the “Best CrossFit Gyms In Los Angeles.” I […]

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