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MCT Oil: The Missing Supplement From Your Training

MCT Oil otherwise known as Medium Chained Triglycerides is a light yellow odorless capric fatty acid found in certain foods but most notably coconut oil. Not to be confused with LCT which is found in most foods. LCT are the same type of fats found in your body thus when eaten and digested it is […]

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Nutritional Lingo For Dummies Part 1

You are getting serious with your training now, so much so that you start to venture into the realm of supplements. You walk into your local supplement store and you are instantly overwhelmed with all of the products thrown in your face. There seems to be a never ending display of products that you have […]

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Squat Everyday

Now most of you are probably already looking at this headline and thinking, “he doesn’t really mean everyday…” Oh yes I do, as in 7 days a week. You will most likely think of this as a daunting task and you should. Squatting everyday is not for the faint of heart or what I like […]

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Make Your Burpees Faster

In CrossFit, you will never get away from burpees! Here, coach Mike Patarino gives some tips on how to speed them up efficiently. Watch and enjoy!

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Relieving Low Back Pain

Have Low Back Pain?  Try These Simple Techniques for Relief Low back pain is a common pain felt by many. It can range from a slight ache to completely debilitating. While the exact cause of back pain can come from many sources, sedentary lifestyle and a weak posterior chain (the muscles of the backside of the […]

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High Fives and Fist Bumps for Nile and Brandon

At StrengthRx, we pride ourselves on having knowledgable coaches and amazing athletes. By having coaches with deep understanding of the elements of CrossFit and body mechanics, we are able to support our members in pushing themselves to their full potential and do so in a safe environment. In order to become a CrossFit coach, one […]

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