Nutritional Lingo For Dummies Part 1

You are getting serious with your training now, so much so that you start to venture into the realm of supplements. You walk into your local supplement store and you are instantly overwhelmed with all of the products thrown in your face. There seems to be a never ending display of products that you have never heard of before, with the claim that they can make you a better person and athlete. Each one claiming they are better than the next. What do you do? Where do you start?

Well let us start with the basics. I will go over a couple, very simple, yet fundamental supplements, and explain exactly what it means and its purpose as it pertains to your body.

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Fish oil is always a supplement I always recommend when people ask what they should start taking to help them feel better in the gym and outside of the gym. Fish oil (which also includes cod liver oil and krill oil) has many benefits for an average person, but to an athlete it has some pretty remarkable qualities that you will notice with the first couple of weeks of taking it. Now a lot of fish oils out there in a general store will promote Omega 3, 6, and 9. For the purpose of not going into too much detail just ignore the 6 and the 9. We don’t care about those. What we want is a fish oil that is high in Omega 3. Omega 3s are shown to reduce inflammation, balance our cholesterol, improve blood flow, improve our mood, prevents cardiovascular disease, and reduces the risk of cancer, along with a host of other benefits. So you can see how this could benefit an athlete. Constant use of fish oil will speed an athletes recovery by promoting blood flow and by reducing inflammation that we get caused by working out and sore muscles.

So how much should you take? The appropriate amount of Omega 3 seems to be about .5 grams per every 10 lbs. of bodyweight for a healthy person. If you are sick or are a little overweight then you could bump that up to 1 gram per every 10 lbs of body weight, and that is what should be taken every day. You want to look for a fish oil that has a strong amount of Omega 3 which means about at least 1,200 mg or more per serving. Splitting up the serving doing half in the morning and half at night is perfectly acceptable. So fill up and recover!

Michael Anderson

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