Member Spotlight: Susanna M.

I found StrengthRx when I was looking for a new box to call home in the area since moving from Florida 7 months prior. I had done some research about the CrossFit boxes in the LA area beforehand and StrengthRx was listed in 2014 as one of the “Best CrossFit Gyms In Los Angeles.” I figured I would check it out.

I had a great impression when I first walked in the door. I came for the fundamentals class so that they could determine where I stood in regards to form and skill level. Coach Michael Anderson was really helpful. He made me feel really comfortable the whole time I was there. The other athletes were also very welcoming. After the class, I was even invited to a surprise birthday party they were having for one of the coaches. I instantly felt at home. StrengthRx has changed in a positive way.

Susanna SRX

Not only do they do CrossFit training, but there are so many more class options offered, such as a strength training class, an Olympic lifting class, Grip N Rip it, yoga and others. It makes the box more rounded and inviting for anyone that may seem intimidated by the word “CrossFit.”

I’m proud of being as strong as I am. I’m proud of the accomplishments I have made in the last 3 years of CrossFit. I never in a million years would have thought that I could lift 225lbs or even push 135lbs over my head. It’s nice to know that when I want to move or lift most heavy things around the house or anywhere for that matter, I can do them on my own and not always have to call out for help.

My next goal is go to the Games, as a spectator of course. No, but seriously, it would have to be handstand push-ups. I am finally able to string along a few strict push-ups. Since this is a prerequisite to the handstand push-up, I might as well keep moving forward to the next level.

My favorite memory would have to be rx’ing Fran for the first time in a 6am class. I was the only female in the class with 3 guys. They didn’t leave after they were done with the workout. They stayed there and cheered me on, pushing me until I finished my last pull-up. I had thought of giving up several times, but there was no way they were going to stand for it and neither was coach Michael Anderson.