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Member Spotlight: Starr G – StrengthRX Crossfit

Member Spotlight: Starr G

If I’m being honest, I have struggled with body issues for most of my life. Gaining and maintaining weight has plagued me from child to adulthood. For awhile I thought that if I just stuffed my face that the weight would pack itself on…wrong…so wrong! After being informed that the healthy way to make gains would be through heavy eating AND heavy lifting, I started researching a workout regimen that would work for me.

Coming off of doing small group training with a few colleagues, and leading up to summer plans that included lounging on the beaches of Brazil and South Beach, I decided to give CrossFit a try. Having participated in team sports and dance troupes for a good chunk of my life, I missed working out in a group format and the camaraderie that comes with it.

After searching Yelp for a nearby gym I decided to give StrengthRx a try for a number of reasons: the amazing reviews, the diverse crowd, and the fact that they offered a teacher discount. We teachers looooove our discounts and I am appreciative of anyone who sees the value in our work! I also appreciated that multiple classes were offered, such as Functional Strength and Olympic Lifting, in addition to the CrossFit classes.

Though I had a number of friends who seemed to be happy members of the CrossFit community, I was still hesitant due to, what I now have come to see as myths and misconceptions about the sport; frequent injuries, coaches not caring about form, it being a CULT! (I may stand by this last statement LOL)

My first impression of StrengthRx was, “Look at all of these crazy folks! How am I going to keep up?” From the range of personalities that you come across in the box, to the level of intensity that the members and coaches put into their training, I felt like a baby deer just trying to find her footing. The eclectic, crazy, and sometimes loud personalities remain, as does the intensity of training, difference is that now I too am one of the crazies and would have it no other way.

I am most proud of competing in the RX division of our “Battle of the Box” competition. If you want to be a beast you must run with them. I survived. I am proud!

My goals moving forward are to put more focus on gymnastic movements such as ring dips, muscle ups, and handstand push ups. My main goal has always been to put on more mass and increase my strength, but I am now seeing the value in being a well-rounded athlete. With that said, I am still pushing toward a 300 lb. deadlift because…”Why not?” and I believe that I am capable