Member Spotlight – Lindsey T.

After moving to Los Angeles from Vancouver, Canada, I had 5 months off of work as per the immigration process and decided I wanted to start CrossFit. StrengthRx seemed to be the right fit for me. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast and since retiring, found my way through fitness. That being said, I was not fulfilled with just going to a regular gym lifting weights. I definitely wanted something more challenging and after watching the CrossFit Games a few years back, I knew I wanted to give it a go.


My first impression of the sport was a feeling of intimidation. My first impression of StrengthRX, was so welcoming and friendly. The fundamental classes were so informative and the coaches were so helpful. Since then, I have only found positives and the list keeps getting longer. StrengthRX has provided a great community, sense of belonging and friendships.

I am most proud of the resiliency CrossFit has taught me. I am grateful for the highlight of my weaknesses – as that helps me improve and grow as an individual.

My next goal is to focus on the CrossFit Open in the upcoming year as well as focussing on my flexibility. I am starting a 30 day RomWod challenge in January. Generally, I would like to compete more this year. As for skills, my next goal is a ring muscle up 🙂

My favorite memory at StrengthRX would be competing with so many SRX teams at the warrior affiliate competition in September. It felt amazing cheering on teammates and teammates cheering for you while your’e getting you butt kicked in 95 degree weather.