Member Spotlight: Kate P.

I had gone to a couple CrossFit gyms before, but when my wife moved down to the states. She thought it would be fun to work out at a new gym together and make friends.

Every CrossFit gym has their own style and personality. I love the people and the coaches here, the gym is just a perfect fit for our lives.

I came into the gym one day and was greeted with a surprise 5k! If you know me, I am not the best at cardio. I didn’t love it while I was doing it, but I ran the fastest 5k I have ever done. I came back in and Coach Mike said, I knew you could do it. After I got off the floor from how tired I was, I jumped into the next class. I never thought I would be able to do that!

My goal is to continue to come 4 times a week. I have great friends and my wife is always a great motivator to get me into the gym. I want to lose weight and build up my cardio.

My favorite memory was competing with Chi and Robyn at a CrossFit competition. We worked amazing as a team. We prepared, worked hard, and had amazing shirts.