Member Spotlight – Jonathan R.

 I’ve been training at SRX for 7 months. Before SRX I was working out at Gold’s Gym, basically without any education on fitness, and was maxing out on a 275lb deadlift that I can only hope was done with proper form. One of my close friends continued to post about her progress at her crossfit gym and it became one of those things that interested me, but I continued to to Gold’s Gym for another year and a half. 
My progress was going nowhere and I felt I needed a serious change: Enter SRX. I looked up a “best Crossfit gyms in LA” link and I called to inquire. They gave me a call back, scheduled an intro session with Mike P, and boom I got started.
I had tried a crossfit-like class at another place (SpeedX), and it kicked my butt. So I figured it would be tough. The fundamentals classes were great and the mini workouts were exhausting but it was that feeling that made me immediately say okay, yes this is what I’ve been wanting. 
After the fundamentals classes were done I was ready for my first official class and I am proud to say my first ever crossfit WOD was Murph. Aside from not feeling my biceps for the next week, it was incredible. I loved the push from fellow teammates (as I have now grown to call everyone I train with in any class). I loved the fast pace energy, the change of routine, the focus the coaches would put into making sure you did everything right and most of all the feeling of wanting to puke a lung, but somehow finding the inner strength to finish. 
People constantly say crossfit sacrifices form for reps and weight, but that could not be further from the truth. All of the coaches at  SRX make us practice every lift with PVC pipes before letting us go out there and train. Probably the biggest thing to truly changed has been my mindset. I went from thinking “Oh man that looks tough how will I finish?” to “Hell yeah that looks tough lets do it!”
I am so proud of so many things, but I have to say that competing in the Delta Force Competition by the Warrior Affiliate League is my highlight. I used to watch those competitions and think damn, props cause I could never do that.I never thought I’d be going toe to toe with them. The progress I’ve made is obviously only just beginning,  but stepping on to that competition stage and watching the 10 second count down to start was one of the best feelings I could’ve ever had, and I became immediately addicted. I couldn’t think of anything else but “damn I’m actually here, time to work, as cheesy as that might sound. I competed alongside great friends and teammates and I’m looking forward to many moments and memories of the like.
My #1 goal will always be to win and to bring a 1st place victory home to SRX from any competition. I just want to get stronger, get better, faster, and more fit. I want to get to a place in my mind where I can push past any limits I’ve set for myself; to be able to lift up the bar even when I’m gasping for air and pushing myself past my limits. My next immediate goal would be to balance out any of my weaknesses and train as much and as hard as possible for the CrossFit Open. 
Wow, so many memories, but my favorite was back on the day before thanksgiving, we had the 12 days of thankfulness WOD, which included everything from Man Makers to Muscle Ups (which I had just learned the day before). Towards the end of the extremely grueling and exhausting workout, for the first time in seven months I thought to myself “how the hell can I finish this?” I remember me doing Man Makers and as I was on the floor, Coach Mike A came over and said “You haven’t ever worked out for 90 minutes straight before, lets go!” (yes it took me that long.) I did finish. But the boost I got from Coach Mike and the other veterans of the gym was invaluable. Those are memories I gain everyday, but that one sticks out. That’s crossfit for you, pushing each other past limits and reaching levels you never though you’d come close to. Out of all the boxes in LA I am most certainly blessed to have walked into this one.
Jonny Ramos