Member Spotlight: Jane C.


I tried everything from regular gym, pilates, spin, yoga, bar, etc. but the workouts always became monotonous, and I would get bored after 3-6 months. I became interested in CrossFit because I wanted to incorporate more weights into my workout. So, I showed up hoping that CrossFit would be “the one.” As of November 2016, it has been 1 year 9 months.

I came to my first Fundamentals class 15 minutes early, and stood there watching the Mixed Levels class in action. Needless to say, I was very intimidated. How was I going to keep up with this super intense, fit group? I quickly learned that there was nothing to fear – every workout is designed to be scaled to each individual’s fitness level.

I literally couldn’t do a single “real” pushup to save my life when I first started. One year of CrossFit later, I am able to do 10 pushups (and counting) in a row! Pull-ups are next on my list – I just want to be able to do ONE.

I specifically remember about 1 year into CrossFit, I was working up to my 1 Rep Max Snatch. After many failed attempts, I was tired and had already mentally given up, but the coach and some other members kept encouraging me. More driven by trying not to embarrass myself, I attempted again and surprised myself by actually snatching a whopping 55 lbs. Baby weights compared to what others were lifting but for me, it was a pivotal moment – slowly but surely, I was making progress.