Member Spotlight – Daniel K.

It all started when my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. Being a pre-diabetic at such early age, I knew I had to change my lifestyle and had to do it NOW! Immediately after, I signed up at LA Fitness, took couple personal training classes but never felt the connection or the sense of accomplishment. A good friend of mine suggested CrossFit and I decided to give a shot. I was looking for a gym in between my commute from work and found StrenghtRx right on the map.

What really got me to join the StrenghtRx family was after a heart to heart conversation with Coach Mike. He asked me, “How badly do you want it?” I replied, “Badly” and he immediately responded, “I’ll get you there…Let’s do it together.” After that conversation, I knew I was at the right place.

I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated and scared. With all the people hanging from the bars, dumbbells and barbells flying everywhere, it felt like walking into an audition for the Cirque du Soleil show. But that changed right away and immediately I was welcomed by all the coaches and my fellow CrossFitters.

I have to say, the first three months was tough. For me, all the moments were new and the workouts were intense. However, after getting into the habit of a strict routine, I immediately saw the results and fell in love with the process.

I’m most proud of dropping 25-30LB, going from a waist 36 to 33 and living a healthier lifestyle.

My next goal is too master all the barbell movements and lean out to about 185LB.

My favorite memory of SRX is front squatting and back squatting 285LB.