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Member Spotlight – Clarissa M. – StrengthRX Crossfit

Member Spotlight – Clarissa M.

I moved to LA a couple years ago for school and knew that, despite having almost no free time, I wanted to get back into CrossFit. So, being new to the area, I decided to take my dog on a walk around neighborhood to see what all was around us. About a mile and a half later, I stumbled across StrengthRx and sat outside watching Ethan coach a class. Everyone seemed to be having such a great time and Ethan seemed like not only did he know what he was doing there as a coach, but also that he cared about everyone in there. The place had a great vibe and I wanted in.

In hindsight, I probably looked a bit crazy just standing outside the window with my dog watching everyone work out. I joined shortly thereafter and was terrified walking into my first class. I knew no one and was particularly out of shape so I was nervous I would just be in the way. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everyone was so welcoming and despite really struggling through those first few WODs (and many more after that), I felt like I belonged. I probably was in the way on several occasions those first few weeks while I caught my bearings, but nobody ever treated me that way. The people here are kind, and that’s a great community to be a part of.

I think I’m most proud of having stuck with CrossFit. I’ve never been particularly athletic, so the concept of pushing yourself to physical extremes was, and sometimes still is, very foreign to me. Unfortunately, with a busy schedule, that meant attendance fell to the back-burner a lot. There were weeks on end where I wouldn’t show up. The friendly “where you been” emails and the even friendlier greetings when I did manage to show up kept my head in the game. While I’m proud that I stuck with it and that I’m in more regularly now, I couldn’t have done in it without the support of the coaches, so thank you!!

There are so many movements that I am unable to do yet and those weaknesses are exposed on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Things like pullups, pushups, and the dreaded double-under still elude me after all this time. I’d really like to get a hang of all of those in the next couple months.

Is it too cliché to say they’re all my favorite? Yeah, okay, probably is. But I’m going to do that anyway. My schedule has managed to take me out of the city for just about every single outing these last two years so my best (and really only) memories are of those in the gym. But having been around to see myself and others hit PRs and push themselves just a little further than they thought they could is easily my favorite thing to look back on.