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Member Spotlight – Chris F. – StrengthRX Crossfit

Member Spotlight – Chris F.

Two years ago while visiting LA, I dropped into three boxes over the course of a week. StrengthRx was the closest box to my girlfriend’s house. I remember walking in and immediately feeling welcomed, which was not the case with the other LA boxes I visited. Despite the fact I had been doing CrossFit for two years, like a knucklehead I hadn’t pre-registered as a drop in and arrived at the exact time class was starting. Ethan didn’t flinch an eye – he welcomed me with a smile, confirmed that I had been doing CrossFit, and then proceeded to kick my ass (with the WOD). Fast forward a year, I moved into my girlfriend’s house, married her, and adopted StrengthRx as my box. The latter entails regularly cursing Coach Mike A. at the end of every 6am class. Of course I mean this in the most endearing way possible… most of the time… ok, like 75% of the time.

I started CrossFit in New York at the largest box in the country. Just imagine three enormous floors, each with 3-4 classes going at the same time. So, my first impression was, this place is… small. But that’s a good thing. The benefit is you get much more attention from the coaches as it relates to movement mechanics, mobility, and what’s needed to improve your weaknesses. All the coaches have an impressive knowledge of the human body – they understand what’s required for safe conditioning and treating any motion limitations you may have. This becomes less surprising after you find out that the owners are also massage therapists (or enter whatever the appropriate credential is).

I’m most proud of my continued passion for CrossFit. This is my fourth Open and I am just as excited as I was with my first. I’m also proud that I don’t automatically take my shirt off as soon as I’m about to workout. But this might change.

I want to become proficient at muscle ups. There have been points in time I could string 3-4 ring and/or bar muscle ups together unbroken, but I’ve lost this skill set and the only way I’ll get it back is to consistently practice. I remember back in the day when I really wanted to learn how to handstand walk. The only thing that got me there was getting upside down at least once a day. And now, I’m not sure but I’m almost positive, I can beat Coach Mike at a handstand walking race. After 17.2, my goal is to string 5-6 muscle ups unbroken, as opposed to doing singles.