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Member Of The Month: Leslie F – StrengthRX Crossfit

Member Of The Month: Leslie F

Before StrengthRx and life in Los Angeles, I used to work out mostly on my own at the gym, hit up the occasional spin class and then started going to a boot camp style fitness program near my house in Texas. It was all fun but I was ready for more, more intensity and more challenges, more heavy lifting. CrossFit seemed like the perfect next step.


We moved to LA, figured out what neighborhood we would live in and started figuring out how to get around, I looked for a gym to start my CrossFit experience … and SRx hit the mark. It was close to my new home, easy to find and from what I could see online, really well liked. All the comments talked about how supportive the coaches were, how much fun everyone has together, and that you didn’t have to be a pro already to start there. Bottomline I could see myself in the people there and fitting in. All of which proved true.

My first impression of SRx … “Oh my gosh how am I ever going to be able to do this? What’s an AMRAP? an EMOM? S2OH?? Will I be like these people? And wow, everyone here is so nice, so down to earth and interesting!” In the beginning, I would get there feeling so nervous, I’d have butterflies in my stomach thinking about the seemingly impossible WODs I was about to face. Not knowing anyone also made me nervous, but I knew that would change over time.

Now a little over a year later, I feel at home at SRx. It’s such a good box, which I appreciate every time I drop in on another one when traveling for work. The workouts aren’t so scary anymore. I get excited instead of anxious when facing a tough WOD because I know that I can survive and come out stronger and hopefully only a little hurt on the other side. I also understand all the acronyms and lingo now, that was the first hurdle but I caught on quick.

And the people? That impression remains the same! I didn’t go in looking for friends but found so many! It’s hard not to when surrounded by such a diverse and fun group of people. That impression certainly has not changed at all, every week or two I connect with a new person over sets of push presses and hang cleans.


I’m so proud that I found success in CrossFit because of SRx. I could not believe it back in June 2015 when I came in third place in my first challenge! Those 30 days of clean Paleo eating and dedicated gym time (20 times in 30 days) really jump started my fitness journey. I’ve continued to come to SRx as often as my schedule allows and eating paleo is now my default. The results I’ve seen as have kept me coming back day after day. Embracing the CrossFit lifestyle and culture developed by SRx and the coaches really changed me. I’m proud of myself for challenging who I thought I was and becoming the “beast” I could be.

My next goal is to get handstands! I really want to just kick up into handstand but I have some fear to conquer and some arm/core strength to build up but I’m working on it and hopefully it will pay off soon. Thankfully Coach Ethan and all the other coaches are great teachers, I know if I put in the time with them I will get my handstand.

Other than that, my goal is always to lift a little heavier and move a little faster 🙂 something I try to do every time I walk into the gym.

My favorite SRx memory is from last year when I took part in our first “in-house” competition. So many people came to participate and just cheer, it was like a big family event! It was also my first time feeling that rush you get from everyone cheering you on as you go for a lift or complete a set of push-ups. I had not felt that since playing high school sports. What I really loved about it how everyone came together to just push each other and have fun! 

– Leslie F.