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Is CrossFit Worth $200 a Month? – StrengthRX Crossfit

Is CrossFit Worth $200 a Month?

How many times have you thought you were a genius because you found a comparable product for a third of the price, only to have it break a month later, leaving you wishing for the more expensive one?

We’ve all been there, and its a lesson we only need to learn a couple times before we finally get it right. The same holds true for the place and people you spend your time getting fit and healthy with.

If you’re going to invest your time and money into a fitness facility. Make sure its a place where you not only feel supported, but that you actually enjoy being in.


The Importance Of Value and Price

I know what you’re thinking.. “Of course you’re going to write about price because you own a gym!” Fair enough. But there are some serious considerations around choosing a service that involves your health other than how much it costs.

You wouldn’t put your health in the hands of the the cheapest place in town would you? I hope not.

Believe it or not, there are gyms out there that charge $10/mo. Can you guess why they charge so little? Unfortunately, it isn’t because they care so much about your health that they don’t want your money. The bottom line is that they charge $10 a month so you will forget that you even have the membership. Thats right. They hope you don’t come because that means they get to keep cramming new people in the door.

Conversely, why do some people pay upwards of $1,200/mo to do one on one sessions training?

Because the value is greater than the price.

What is value? 

Value is what we perceive it to be. People will pay $1,200/mo for personal training because:

  • They trust that the trainer is at the gym waiting for them
  • They trust the trainer is going to push them
  • They trust the trainer knows what exercises are best for them
  • They know that if they eat like shit they’re going to have to confess
  • They know the trainer genuinely cares

Now obviously personally training is a big ticket item that not everyone can afford or even needs quite frankly. This is the magic of a well ran CrossFit gym or similar group class gym.

You can get 90% of the value from personal training for around $200 a month! 

Depending on your perception of value this can actually be a way better experience for most people. For what breaks down to around $10-15 a class you get:

  • To come into an awesome facility that’s most likely within a mile or so from you
  • Get every part of your workout broken down and explained by a high level coach
  • Workout with a small group of 10-15 amazing like minded individuals!

Community and coaching for only a couple hundred bucks a month? Now thats value!

You see, if price is your only criteria well, you get what you pay for…

Sure, there are some CrossFit gyms out there charging less than a hundred dollars but I’m willing to bet the service you get isn’t even worth that.

Ask yourself this, would you rather have a 5 star “WOW” experience 3-5 times a week for $200/mo or a 2 star “meh” experience for $100/mo?

My money is on the WOW every time. 

To be surrounded by motivated, smart people who actually care about my well-being and have the knowledge and experience to back it up deserves to cost more, and as long as the value is greater than the price its worth every penny.