Member Spotlight: Carolina C.

I was recovering from a fractured ankle after a Motocross accident and as I was recovering I found myself bored of my regular gym routine. I had been doing yoga, boxing, and palates, and I felt I wanted to try something new. I had heard Strength Rx and CrossFit in general was for crazy people so I felt like I would fit right in.

I walked in while Coach Mike was teaching a class and was taken back by the intensity, the grunting and screaming during the workout. I thought it was something I was willing to try. I took my first class and immediately fell in love; it was love at first barbell cycle.

I’m proud of the fact that stayed consistent and continued to improve my fitness. I’ve grown a lot stronger with my lifts and my endurance. I can manage to run miles at a time and have gotten my deadlift to 265lb., knowing that I can improve even more.

My next goal is to be down to 18 percent body fat, to weigh 135lbs., and get to and past the 300lb. mark on my deadlift. I also want to take more time working on body weight movements, improve my strength, and have all my coaches be proud of me.

My favorite SRX memories are always the times I finish last in a workout but everyone continues to cheer me on. It makes me feel happy that everyone is there to support me even on my worst days.