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Home Mobility – StrengthRX Crossfit

Home Mobility

Think about this. How many hours a week do you spend sitting or standing? How many hours did you spend jumping, running and lifting your muscles to peak soreness at SRX? Now how many hours did you spend stretching and rolling your way to better mobility this week? I’m going to guess that this isn’t a very balanced equation.

Mobility isn’t pretty. It doesn’t provide the endorphin rush or Instagram posts of heavy lifting for time, but if you don’t take your mobility as seriously as your workouts then you’re bound to end up less limber than those barbells you love. To avoid turning into the tin man, treat your mobility like a workout. This means at least 30 minutes per day! Take 30 minutes of your TV time on workout days, push the couch to the side and enjoy the high intrigue of The Bachelor while foam rolling and stretching yourself to better health.

Approach your mobility with the same commitment you do your workouts. On your days off from the gym set aside an hour just like you would for a WOD. Taking some time away from beating up your body to give it a little TLC will lead to faster recovery, improved range of motion, less aches and pains, all adding up to more kick ass performances at the gym! Check out this at-home mobility circuit for you lower body. Start the timer and 3-2-1 Mobilize!

Grab your:

Foam roller
Lacrosse Ball
Stretching strap or belt
Elevated surface like the back of your couch

1. 2 minutes spent rolling out each foot. Work your way from your toes back towards your heal, spending plenty of time on the arch of the foot.

2. 1 min foam roll each calf. Place one shin over the other and gently roll pressure up the leg from ankle to knee. Repeat both legs.

3. 1 min standing calf stretch (gastrocnemius) each leg. Hands against the wall one foot forward with knee bent and the other leg behind and straight. Press the heal of the back foot towards to the ground as you lean into the wall. You will feel this in the upper part of your calf or gastrocnemius.

4. 1 min standing calf stretch (soleus) Same as previous stretch, but this time bend the back knee and feel the stretch move to the lower part of the calf muscle near the Achilles.

5. 2 Minutes each leg Lacrosse ball or Orb on Hamstring. Place the lacrosse or softball under the point where your Glute and hamstring meet. Apply pressure and breathe into the pressure. Slowly roll an inch down towards the knee. Stop, place both hands on top of the thigh and extend your leg, drawing the muscle across the lacrosse ball. Repeat as you move down towards the knee.


6. 3 Minutes each leg Hamstring stretch with band. Loop you stretching strap or belt and place you foot through the loop. Extend you leg and pull your foot towards your heel until you feel a stretch in the hamstring. Now, extend your foot by kicking up 10x then hold the stretch for one minute. Next allow your leg to come across your body and repeat the 10x extensions and hold. Then, draw you leg to the other direction opening your hips and repeat the other proses. Switch legs.

– Brandon Sundwall