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Squat Everyday

Now most of you are probably already looking at this headline and thinking, “he doesn’t really mean everyday…” Oh yes I do, as in 7 days a week. You will most likely think of this as a daunting task and you should. Squatting everyday is not for the faint of heart or what I like […]

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Keeping Your Hands Happy and Healthy

Spend some quality time on a pull up bar or a barbell and ripped hands and calluses will be come all to familiar. Rips are often very painful and can stop training in its tracks if not dealt with properly. Here we will discuss some ways to prevent tears and how to treat them when […]

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Thruster (Barbell or Dumbbell)

The ever so hated thruster! Just the sound of it for most is enough to make people cringe with disgust and exhaustion. But a proper thruster is the ultimate full body workout and at the same time helps with hip mobility. Barbell placement should be in the front rack position. Elbows do not have to […]

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Relieving Low Back Pain

Have Low Back Pain?  Try These Simple Techniques for Relief Low back pain is a common pain felt by many. It can range from a slight ache to completely debilitating. While the exact cause of back pain can come from many sources, sedentary lifestyle and a weak posterior chain (the muscles of the backside of the […]

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