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Behavior vs. Outcome Goal

Western culture approaches achievement in this way: first think of what you want, plan how to get there, execute the plan and then be the thing you want. The process is: think, do, be. The problem is that we often associate our goals with emotion and self worth, setting the stage for failure and disappointment.  […]

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You’re Never Too Busy to Workout

How many times have you heard the excuse that someone is “too busy” to workout? I know in the past I’ve been guilty of it as well, and always for reasons. I could justify it by listing off all of my responsibilities: work, travel, tired, etc. and it’s easy to find champions in these situations […]

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The Tortoise Always Wins

Everyone has heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, the African folktale in which an overconfident rabbit is bested in a footrace by the consistent pace of a determined tortoise. The moral of the story is consistency wins the day and that the importance of determination and focus over raw ability should not […]

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Mastery vs. Overload

“An individual is free only to the extent of their own self mastery”   ~ Steven Pressfield,” The War Of Art” Greatness is a choice, and everyday we must recommit to our vision or fall victim to the comforts of modern life.  Perhaps on some scale this was always the case with humans. However, to […]

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Strong Is The New Skinny

Alright ladies, this one’s for you. I think I’ve literally heard this a million times “I want to try CrossFit but I’m afraid I’ll bulk up”. I know, I know. Society has done a number on the psychology of attractiveness and the general perception of what the ideal female body should look like. Not a […]

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Be Like The Rock

This dude is the real deal. Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. “The Rock” wakes up at 3:45am everyday and does a two hour workout before beginning work on his many projects. Check out his Instagram if you ever need a little motivation.  Photo Credit: Bodybuilding.com I can hear the haters now,  “Well, if I had millions of […]

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The Warrior Spirit

It should be noted that when I use the word “spiritual” I am not referring to religion. I am referring to the vision we all have of our best self. The vision of the person we know we could be if we committed 100%, got real about who we are and what kind of impact […]

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Healthy Eating: Zone Vs. Paleo

Often I see members and clients alike showing up for their workouts with admirable consistence, yet remain physically unchanged after months and  sometimes years of dedicated training. A little subtle probing almost always reviles the answer; poor diet. Not surprising really, and theoretically easy to fix. However, we are creatures of habit, and despite our […]

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How To Add Two Years To Your Life

How many hours do you sit in a day? 1 hour in the morning while you get ready for work 30 minutes in the car to work 8 hours while you’re at work 30 minutes on the drive home 1 hour at the table for dinner 1 hour the couch while you close out the […]

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Learn How to Meditate: The 5 Minute Mindfulness Practice

Meditation has been shown to have countless benefits in all areas of life such as lowering blood pressure, increasing productivity and overall sense of happiness. Another way of thinking about having a mindfulness practice is that it acts as a meta-skill that improves everything else. It is without question one of the most common behaviors […]

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