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Blog – Page 19 – StrengthRX Crossfit

Tips for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open

The 2016 CrossFit Games Open is upon us folks, and as we prepare to embark on this physical, mental, and somewhat spiritual journey of grit and grime there is one question that I get asked as a coach when it comes to general preparedness for the Open. And that is, “What can I do to […]

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The Hand Stand Kick Up

Hand stands are so much fun. And can be equally as challenging. The satisfaction of kicking up into a nice handstand is unique and oh so delicious. However, simply “kicking up” isn’t always so simple. Being effective at getting yourself into the handstand will play an extremely large role in your overall handstand abilities, especially […]

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Holiday Fitness Tips & Travel workouts

Its that time of year. Trust me, I get it. With the whirlwind of holiday parties, last minute shopping, cold weather and possible trips planned, exercise seems like the last thing on your priority list. A lot of people genuinely ask me if they should just “start fresh in the new year”. Of course I […]

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StrengthRx Means Family

This year has been a struggle for me both personally and professionally. I had a major identity crisis at the beginning of the year which got so bad, that I didn’t really know how to function, much less even begin to wrap my head around how I would move past it. My life was turned […]

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Why Deadlifting Is Important

Let’s face it. As humans we will never stop picking things up from the floor. A dog, a child, a bag of groceries. You name it, most of us at some point in the day will bend over to grab it. Given this reality why do so many people shy away from training the deadlift? […]

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Protein Powered Breakfast

Everyone has different goals — different diet goals, fitness goals, and personal goals. However, it is well known that if you want to gain muscle mass, protein must be a necessary component of your diet. For someone who is always on the go, I love to cook something quick that goes down easy. Everyday for […]

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Improving Mobility In Your Overhead Squat

For many the overhead squat can seem like the most momentous challenge you could face when it comes to the litany of movements that are involved with crossfit, and rightfully so. There are a number of variables that make up a solid overhead squat position. The external rotation of the elbows and shoulders, (otherwise known […]

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The Bracing Sequence

Increasing performance is something every person in the gym wants to do. Improving your skill set at “bracing” will do just that, whether its taking some time off your 1 mile run or adding some pounds to your squat. Here, bracing is going to refer to putting your body into the most advantageous position possible, […]

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