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4 Principles Of StrengthRx CrossFit – StrengthRX Crossfit

4 Principles Of StrengthRx CrossFit


  1. You are only competing with yourself. We’re all on the same team and in the same tribe. We’re sharing the common goal to improve ourselves mentally and physically. If you finish the workout first, congrats! You will absolutely be recognized for your hard work and achievement. If you finish last, congrats! You are a fucking warrior and every single person in this gym will be rooting you on. We’re here to be our best. Somedays you will kill it and somedays you will feel like crap. That’s just the way it goes, so don’t worry about what the guy or girl next to you is doing. Have fun, be safe and become the epic human being you know you are.
  2. Winners don’t cheat. Trust me, there’s going to be a time when you’re 10 minutes into a 20 minute workout and you’re spent. You’re doing something ridiculous like Burpee Box Jumps and you still have like 20 to go. You see the person next to you finish up their set and move on to the next exercise. Damn. In that moment you think, “Man, I could probable shave about 5 of these off and nobody would notice.” You might get away with it for a time or two, but eventually people will catch on and start secretly counting your reps. Just don’t do it. Some workouts are gonna suck but hey, what did you expect? It’s CrossFit! Keep the respect of the tribe and hold yourself to a high standard of integrity.
  3. This is an ego free zone. We like to have fun at SRX. Hell, sometimes my evening classes are like a party. Despite what you might think about CrossFit athletes, they’re some of the most kind, caring and generous people I’ve ever met. At SRX we love and support each other no matter what. We strive to maintain a community of hard working, compassionate people. Our mission is to create a culture of light-hearted, fun loving, fitness enthusiast with a desire to learn and grow. Health and fitness can be the perfect medium for personal development that will transform your life on all levels if you allow it to.
  4. Commit yourself to excellence. It’s like dad always said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” More true words couldn’t ever been spoken. We are not in the business of getting you to snatch 300 pounds; we are in the business of getting you to snatch 45 pounds, perfectly. The quality and understanding of the movement is primary. The amount of weight you lift is secondary. No sound, time tested exercise is dangerous. What’s dangerous is performing it poorly or being too eager to jump in weight. This goes back to number 3 on the ego. Pros perfect the basics. Amateurs chase numbers. Connect with yourself and feel your way through every workout. Don’t get caught up in what you think others expect from you. The single best way to avoid injury, get rapid results and help others achieve their goals is to commit to doing it right.

-Justin Schollard