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September 2017 – Page 2 – StrengthRX Crossfit

Month: September 2017

Meal Prep: Setting Yourself Up For Success

I get it. Building a fit, healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. Figuring out when and where to implement diet and exercise is tough reality check and unfortunately this is when most people stop. They’ve read the books,  conceptually understand the principals involved and get really inspired. Then what? The alarm still goes of at the […]

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Member Spotlight – Rebecca O.

I used to train at a gym that had CrossFit type workouts, but wasn’t technically a CrossFit affiliate. Since I live by StrengthRx I figured I would give it a try. My first impression was, “Holy shit this is way harder” and “I hope I don’t die during this WOD!” Since then it really hasn’t […]

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You’re Never Too Busy to Workout

How many times have you heard the excuse that someone is “too busy” to workout? I know in the past I’ve been guilty of it as well, and always for reasons. I could justify it by listing off all of my responsibilities: work, travel, tired, etc. and it’s easy to find champions in these situations […]

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Member Spotlight: Mitch S.

I was looking to change up my work out routine and do something new that would really challenge me. So I decided to give StrengthRx a try. I wasn’t really sure what to expect at first, but I guess what really surprised me was the wide variety of people who go to CrossFit, and how […]

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Behavior vs. Outcome Goal

Western culture approaches achievement in this way: first think of what you want, plan how to get there, execute the plan and then be the thing you want. The process is: think, do, be. The problem is that we often associate our goals with emotion and self worth, setting the stage for failure and disappointment.  […]

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Member Spotlight: Carolina C

I was recovering from a fractured ankle after a Motocross accident and as I was recovering I found myself bored of my regular gym routine. I had been doing yoga, boxing, and palates, and I felt I wanted to try something new. I had heard Strength Rx and CrossFit in general was for crazy people […]

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What Is Strength Training?

Increasing your strength is a long road with a low trajectory. It is slow and steady and can only be achieved through consistency and patience. Once achieved, strength levels maintain their capacity for up to 10 days without training before diminishing. Whereas conditioning levels drop within 72 hours of not training. Strength training reduces your […]

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Top 5 Supplements

I remember how crazy I thought it was that people actually take supplements like protein daily. Often multiple times a day. Now, I am firmly one of those guys. As with anything, once we understand it, it becomes less foreign and intimidating. Now, I know there are some purists out there who scoff at supplements […]

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Home Mobility

Think about this. How many hours a week do you spend sitting or standing? How many hours did you spend jumping, running and lifting your muscles to peak soreness at SRX? Now how many hours did you spend stretching and rolling your way to better mobility this week? I’m going to guess that this isn’t […]

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Chefs and Bakers: Room In The Kitchen For Both?

In a recent podcast Dr. Andy Galpin along with comedian commentator turned master of the digital airwaves Joe Rogan, discussed a wide range of topics about fitness and nutrition. During the course of the discussion, Galpin touched on an interesting metaphor for effective practice in prescribing nutritional protocols for the athletes with whom he consults. […]

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