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2017 – StrengthRX Crossfit

Year: 2017

Be Like The Rock

This dude is the real deal. Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. “The Rock” wakes up at 3:45am everyday and does a two hour workout before beginning work on his many projects. Check out his Instagram if you ever need a little motivation.  Photo Credit: Bodybuilding.com I can hear the haters now,  “Well, if I had millions of […]

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Strong Is The New Skinny

Alright ladies, this one’s for you. I think I’ve literally heard this a million times “I want to try CrossFit but I’m afraid I’ll bulk up”. I know, I know. Society has done a number on the psychology of attractiveness and the general perception of what the ideal female body should look like. Not a […]

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Member Spotlight: Liz M.

I wanted to get into better shape and became curious about CrossFit. I was too nervous to sign up so I bought a 30 trial membership and never looked back. My first impression was “wow this is fun”. Everyone was welcoming, helpful, and very patient. I had this idea of what CrossFit was going to […]

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Member Spotlight – Jeremy G.

I almost died once. Well, at least I thought I was going to. I went whitewater rafting with my brothers for my bachelor party, and—while extremely hung-over—we took a nasty spill on a Class VI rapid. I remember being submerged for what seemed like forever. I was panicking, my lungs were burning, and all I […]

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Mastery vs. Overload

“An individual is free only to the extent of their own self mastery”   ~ Steven Pressfield,” The War Of Art” Greatness is a choice, and everyday we must recommit to our vision or fall victim to the comforts of modern life.  Perhaps on some scale this was always the case with humans. However, to […]

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CrossFit vs Orange Theory, What’s The Difference?

With the advent of new exercise brands and methods, it can be tricky keeping up with the latest trends.  A new kid on the block is Orange Theory Fitness, a franchised exercise class.  While any exercise is better than nothing, it’s important to understand what each modality offers to know what is the best bang […]

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The Tortoise Always Wins

Everyone has heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, the African folktale in which an overconfident rabbit is bested in a footrace by the consistent pace of a determined tortoise. The moral of the story is consistency wins the day and that the importance of determination and focus over raw ability should not […]

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When You Build Muscle, How Much is Too Much?

One of the most common concerns I hear when folks start CrossFit or a strength training program is building too much muscle.  “I don’t wanna be bulky,” or “I don’t want to get too big” are common phrases that tend to be shared primarily women, but I have heard plenty of men say the same […]

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Member Spotlight – Clarissa M.

I moved to LA a couple years ago for school and knew that, despite having almost no free time, I wanted to get back into CrossFit. So, being new to the area, I decided to take my dog on a walk around neighborhood to see what all was around us. About a mile and a […]

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Member Spotlight – Chris F.

Two years ago while visiting LA, I dropped into three boxes over the course of a week. StrengthRx was the closest box to my girlfriend’s house. I remember walking in and immediately feeling welcomed, which was not the case with the other LA boxes I visited. Despite the fact I had been doing CrossFit for […]

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