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October 2016 – StrengthRX Crossfit

Month: October 2016

Member Spotlight: Starr G

If I’m being honest, I have struggled with body issues for most of my life. Gaining and maintaining weight has plagued me from child to adulthood. For awhile I thought that if I just stuffed my face that the weight would pack itself on…wrong…so wrong! After being informed that the healthy way to make gains […]

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Rise and Grind

Developing a winning morning routine We all know them, bright eyed and energetic, bubbly even. Ready to take on the day from the word go, morning people. No matter your opinion of these un-caffeinated energizer bunnies, studies have demonstrated that people who establish a morning routine are more productive and efficient throughout the day. A […]

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Is Organic Really Better for You?

Nowadays we’re seeing organic everything. Even clothes come in organic options. Its cache to go organic. Maybe it nurtures that part in us that wants to make the world a better place. Or maybe it just gives us a slight sense of moral superiority. Either way, it’s time to dig a little deeper into what “Organic” […]

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5 Daily Practices That Will Maximize Your Life

Without question, a higher quality of life is something we all want. Often, simple practices can offer great benefits. Whether said benefits are reflected in your health, your headspace or your environment, taking these small steps is easy but extremely rewarding. By no means are these the keys to life, just tried and tested behaviors […]

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Member Spotlight: Jane C.

I tried everything from regular gym, pilates, spin, yoga, bar, etc. but the workouts always became monotonous, and I would get bored after 3-6 months. I became interested in CrossFit because I wanted to incorporate more weights into my workout. So, I showed up hoping that CrossFit would be “the one.” As of November 2016, […]

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Training Your Metabolic Flexibility

The human body is an infinitely complex machine, but like even a simple mechanical device it requires a few basic inputs to operate. In simplest terms, you can think of your body like an engine in which the process of internal combustion is replaced by cellular respiration to produce movement. Just like the engine in […]

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Is CrossFit Worth $200 a Month?

How many times have you thought you were a genius because you found a comparable product for a third of the price, only to have it break a month later, leaving you wishing for the more expensive one? We’ve all been there, and its a lesson we only need to learn a couple times before […]

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Member of the Month: Hardy A

I always heard of CrossFit but it was mainly through negative press and the dangers of people getting injured. A friend from Australia was here last year with her boyfriend (whom competed at the games), and resolved any doubt I had. They got me excited to join. StrengthRx was close to my house so it […]

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