2 Tips For Joining A CrossFit Gym

CrossFit isn’t a fad. Despite how many people swore up and down that in 5 years nobody would be talking about it, here we are. 10,000 affiliates worldwide, and 200 in Los Angeles alone. Given this information, the old ways of doing it aren’t gonna work for the savvy consumer who knows what they want. Here’s a couple key things that YOU as the consumer should know before you sign up.


photo: www.crossfit6000.com

1) Not All CrossFit Gyms Are Created Equal

CrossFit is an affiliation. Not a franchise. Meaning that after a weekend certification pretty much anybody can affiliate with HQ and open one up. While there are parameters and expectations on how one should be ran and programmed, essentially the owner can has creative control over the operations.

This is both the up and the down side. For passionate and professional fitness experts, CrossFit can be an amazing opportunity to make a living by bringing health and fitness to thousands. On the other hand, its just as easy for someone with all the passion, but a little short on the expertise and experience to open up one as well. This can be potentially dangerous for newcomers who are entrusting the coaches to know and teach proper body mechanics and movement patterns. Especially when performing skilled lifts like the clean, jerk and snatch.

Pro Tip: Ask about the gym owners background and prior experience. Make sure they’ve been in the game for a while and really know their shit. 

2) Make Sure You Meet With Someone First

I know, submitting an intake form online and scheduling an introductory session with a coach sounds like a lot of extra work. However, its important to remember that CrossFit is FOR REAL weight lifting. Not your grandma’s aerobics class.

Convenient as it may be, buying memberships online and just showing up to class runs the risk of getting a mediocre experience. Chances are you’re going to be spending a lot of time there so give yourself the opportunity to make sure its a good fit.

This also gives the the gym the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you have about their program. The bottom line is that although CrossFit is for everyone, each box is unique with its own vibe and culture. The intro session is where you get to complete the sensory experience and make an educated decision.

Some gyms, like ours, require an intro session. This is a great time to not only get to know you, but also to take you through a nutrition consultation, movement assessment and baseline workout. Incredibly valuable information that helps create the absolute best experience for you.

There you go folks. To be completely transparent OF COURSE we at SRX adhere these standards, but maybe you know someone who’s thinking of going a box and could benefit for this info? If so, pass it along!

Two more tips coming next week.